Are poppers legal in Switzerland?

The answer to this question can be answered with yes and no, respectively. with “it depends
at”. We have been dealing with the legal situation of poppers in Switzerland since 2014 and have
already followed some criminal and administrative proceedings on this subject.

It has been confirmed several times that poppers in Switzerland are not subject to the Narcotics Act,
this mainly because of the lack of dependency generation. (So poppers are not drugs). Swissmedic
has also confirmed that poppers do not fall under the Medicines Act because the medical
There is no intended purpose for this. Poppers also fall under the very strict and in Switzerland
complicated Chemicals Act ChemG. The possession and “consumption” of poppers are in the
Switzerland permitted. The sale of poppers is only permitted under very specific conditions.

The ingredients of poppers are mostly nitrites (alkyl esters of nitrous acid).

There are a number of nitrites and it is precisely here which one differs, among other things
Nitrites may and may not be sold as poppers in Switzerland. There are nitrites, which
are toxic to aspiration and can be fatal if accidentally swallowed. we
clearly distance ourselves from these nitrites that are not permitted in Switzerland. We from only sell poppers with the ingredients Pentyl nitrite, hexyl nitrite
and Canadian Formula (Pentyl). You can find more about this in our article on the ingredients of

If legal security and your health and the health of your fellow human beings are important to you,
we only recommend poppers with the ingredient pentyl nitrite (CAS 463-04-7) or
Buy hexyl nitrite (UFI V300-A06S-K00V-G02P) or Canadian Formula (EG No. 951-169-0). caution
in front of the square bottles with 24ml! On our site you will only find products based on
Pentyl Nitrite, Hexyl Nitrite and Canadian Formula. (round bottles and square bottles with 25ml).

We continuously monitor the legal situation in Switzerland and Europe and provide information on this page.
Various Swiss authorities deal with the issue at regular intervals

Responsible use of chemicals is very important to us and we don’t want to go to anyone
Time endanger human health. On the contrary, we want to do our part
Education on the subject of poppers in Switzerland and the lawful use of poppers in the
Switzerland contribute.