About poppers-online.ch

Where to buy poppers?

You can buy poppers online or in sex a shop or a sauna. Buying poppers online has many advantages. You do not need to visit a sex shop or a sauna and ask for poppers at the counter. At a good poppers online shop you order your poppers very discreetly. Most of the online shops are also by far cheaper than physical stores, as online shops do not have to pay expensive rents for a good store location. A good online poppers shop does ship poppers very fast, so that you can use your poppers soon after you have ordered it. We from poppers-online.ch can offer to you all these described advantages. We ship your poppers very discreetly, at affordable prices and we ship your poppers also very fast. For worldwide shipments we use e.g. Fedex, UPS and DHL.

Do you ship from Switzerland?

Yes, we only send the poppers from Switzerland using the Swiss Post. This guarantees you will not have any customs problems and your package will be with you quickly.

How long will it take to get the package to me?

1-3 working days. This means that we will send the package on the day we receive the money. In the case of credit card payments and TWINT, this is on the day of the order. We only send with A Mail, which means that the parcel delivery time is 1 working day. For example, if you order by credit card on Monday morning, you will have your package in the milk box on Tuesday.

I'm sure I won't have any customs problems if I order from you?

Yes, we only send from Switzerland. This guarantees you will not have any customs problems and you will not have to pay any extra customs costs, VAT, etc.

How is the package labeled by you?

We always send our packages neutrally, ie without advertising on the Shipping box . The sender is Oxymoron AG. In this way we protect your privacy.

How are the poppers packed?

The poppers are securely packed in a ZIP bag and a protective net and / or flo-pack. With this we protect the poppers from leaking and from a bad smell in the milk crate.