Keeping / storage of poppers

No. Poppers do not belong in the refrigerator with milk, vegetables and salads. We recommend that you store your poppers in a ZIP bag or in a Tupperware in a dark, cool place in your home that is safe from children and other people. This can be in your closet or in your drawer, for example. The optimal storage location for poppers is the cellar, as it is dark there and the ideal temperature is around 12 to 15 degrees.
See also our blog post: “ The myth of poppers in the fridge ”.

Poppers love it cool and dark. And very important: Poppers don’t like extreme temperature fluctuations at all. The poppers substances start to disintegrate with too many extreme temperature fluctuations. And since poppers only work at room temperature, the freezer is definitely the wrong place to store poppers. See also our blog post: “ The myth of poppers in the fridge ”.

Unopened poppers will keep for several months at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, because the poppers don’t like this at all.

The contents of a used poppers bottle can be kept for at least one month after opening. In combination with the air in the room, poppers start to decompose. We recommend small bottles, so you can use new bottles again and again.

If a poppers bottle has gone through too many temperature fluctuations (e.g. x times in the freezer compartment and out of the freezer compartment), then the nitrite breaks down into various decomposition products. The result is a brown, smelly and sticky broth. By then at the latest, it is time to dispose of the poppers bottle and order a new poppers bottle.

It is best to store poppers at cellar or room temperature. The refrigerator is not necessary. The poppers don’t like temperature fluctuations at all. See also our blog post: “The myth of poppers in the fridge”.

Unopened bottles last for several months. Once opened, bottles will last at least a month. See also our blog post: “The myth of poppers in the fridge”.

This question is asked more and more with increasing environmental awareness. Poppers are chemicals and should be disposed of like other household chemicals. You can find the nearest collection point for chemicals at . You too take care of the environment.

It is best to wipe the leaked poppers off the floor with kitchen paper, a handkerchief or toilet paper. The remaining poppers on the surface will dissipate over time. Take particular care with parquet floors. In any case, you should ventilate the room well for several hours.

Under no circumstances should you store poppers close by next to latex, fist gloves, condoms, etc., as the vapors in a narrow space (e.g. in a sports bag next to condoms) can attack latex-based products. Likewise, never store poppers next to food, e.g. do not store in the refrigerator.

Yes. Poppers are flammable liquids. Special care should be taken when smoking or handling a lighter.

Yes. This is actually very useful. The basement is cool and dark and the temperature is constant. This is exactly what the poppers like very much.

Anyone who has ever forgotten a poppers in the glove compartment of the car and parked the car in the sun knows very well how quickly poppers react to extreme temperature fluctuations. The poppers decompose very quickly because of the warmth of the sunlight and the poppers turn into a brown, smelly and sticky broth. So keep poppers out of the sun.