Are poppers legal in Switzerland?

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Poppers are legal in many countries, but not in all the 220 countries around the globe. For example in Switzerland Poppers are regulated under the Chemicals law. In the EU there are leather cleaner products which are used for the same purpose as poppers. UK and France are very liberal countries in the EU towards poppers. In the USA the FDA published a warning not to use Poppers in 2021. In Canada, Health Canada even prohibited poppers. The rules and regulations are changing in countries over time. If you are not sure if you can buy poppers in your country legally, the best thing is that you buy your poppers online in a country where poppers are legal.

Are poppers drugs?

Poppers are not drugs and do not fall under the Narcotics Act in Switzerland. Poppers do not create addiction. We still hear very often that poppers are drugs. This is completely wrong.

Are poppers anesthetic?

In order for substances to fall under the Narcotics Act, certain prerequisites must be met, such as the creation of dependency. This is not the case with poppers. Various Swiss authorities have repeatedly confirmed in recent years that poppers are not subject to the Narcotics Act.

Are poppers medicinal?

Poppers are not medicinal products in Switzerland and do not fall under the Medicines Act because they are not intended for medical purposes. Swissmedic last confirmed this fact in 2021.

The purchase of poppers for private use is legal in Switzerland.

The possession of poppers for private use is legal in Switzerland.

If you mean sniffing the nitrite bottle when you take it, then everything is fine. Do not drink poppers under any circumstances, otherwise you have a serious health problem, which can be fatal.

Can I take poppers across the border?

The subject of poppers is subject to different legal provisions in each country. In addition, the local customs employees are trained very differently and border controls (including at the Swiss external borders) sometimes make strange statements about poppers.

Our recommendations:
- when entering Switzerland and when entering one of our four neighboring countries by land: Do not carry more than 3 small bottles of poppers with you across the border
- When entering a country by air: first inquire comprehensively about the legal situation of poppers in the respective destination country. If you wish, we will be happy to help you with this.

Can I take poppers in my hand luggage on the plane?

No. Poppers / nitrites are flammable liquids. The IATA regulates which liquids are allowed in hand luggage or checked baggage. Flammable liquids such as poppers are prohibited. See the list of SWISS: prepare / baggage / dangerous- goods

Can I resell poppers?

Nobody will punish you if you sell one of your poppers bottles to a friend. If you trade in poppers on a commercial basis, you risk administrative proceedings and criminal proceedings incl. Mail from the prosecutor.