Poppers Booster Cap XTRM Double Small Black LEAK PROOF

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If things get wild immediately after poppers sniffing, it happens that you find the poppers bottle tipped over and leaking afterwards. For this purpose, the XTRM team has developed an ingenious leak-proof and easy-to-use Poppers Booster Cap XTRM Double Small Black LEAK PROOF with push button. You screw the leak-proof sniffer onto the bottle as usual. Only if you now press the push button on the side of the lid, the poppers will flow out of the bottle through the kick channel. When you release the push button, the sniffer is 100% tight again and the popper stays in the bottle, even if the bottle tips over because it is hot.

This new closure system with push button is high quality, not mass produced and is made in Austria with a lot of commitment. The Double Small Black LEAK PROOF Booster Cap fits all 10ml and 30ml bottles from Lockerroom as well as all bottles from Shelbora and Oxymoron. Experience the added thrill and comfort of pulling poppers. No more tipped over Poppers bottles, thanks to the LEAK PROOF Poppers Booster Cap. Application note: To screw on the LEAK PROOF, hold it firmly at the bottom, tighten carefully and do not overtighten the thread.



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