Why some poppers varieties have a new lid

As a regular customer, you have probably already noticed: since summer 2022, some bottles – especially 10ml poppers bottles – have been fitted with a new childproof cap. In this blog post, we explain the reasons for this and what it means for you.


First, the reasons. These are regulatory reasons. In Switzerland, two ingredients of poppers were classified more strictly in 2022, which is why stricter regulations apply to the purchase and sale of poppers based on these ingredients.


Shortly before we put your poppers in the shipping box for the journey to your home, we replace the lid. We carefully and professionally unscrew the original cap from the manufacturer and then immediately screw a childproof cap onto the poppers bottle. The bottle only remains open for a few seconds during this process, so the contents are guaranteed to remain unchanged. We tested the effect after several weeks and months with many random samples and could not detect any difference in the effect. So you are still buying a safe product from us. Both safe for your health, as we do not sell carcinogenic or toxic poppers, and legally safe, as your purchase from us complies with all regulations in Switzerland.


Which poppers can you still buy from us with the original lid and the original seal from the manufacturer? These are all poppers with the ingredient hexyl nitrate. You can easily filter by ingredients in our poppers store. This cap-lid obligation applies to the shipment of poppers from Switzerland to Switzerland.


We are the pioneers in the legalization of poppers in Switzerland. We are committed to ensuring that the rapid shipment of poppers from Switzerland is possible and remains possible in the future. Thank you for your support.