One thing is clear: risk of confusion!

Poppers or Ginger Shot – that is the question?! So that’s a mix-up as good as excluded, today we explain the differences between poppers bottles and conventional small soft drinks or shot bottles. Please pay special attention when you have the little bottle in your hand.First you should briefly check the logo by looking at the bottle. The poppers Labels are quite unique in their design, with clear, bright colors and eye-catching writing. That’s full. Intent so you can quickly see what it is about.
Eagle 10ml Poppers Flasche
Example of a Poppers bottle logo
Hazard pictograms on every Poppers bottle
If you then turn the bottle a little, you will also discover the ed-framed diamonds of the danger pictogram on the back. This contains important information about the nature of your favorite brand’s content, as well as important hazards and safety information. We have a little more detailed explanation here on our site written. Try it tooPoppers with other ingredients from our shop, because there is still a lot to discover here! Incidentally, we also play it safe when it comes to the ingredients: we only offer you poppers with the 3 ingredients that we classify as less harmful to health.