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Zürich Poppers 24ml has been on the market since 2023 and contains the former real pentyl nitrite. After Amsterdam Poppers and Berlin Poppers now finally follows the Zurich Poppers. Zurich does not only stand for Zwingli, Pestalozzi, the Sechseläuten and the Knabenschiessen. Zurich is the gay metropolis of Switzerland and is considered the most gay-friendly city in Switzerland. That is why we have dedicated the Zurich Poppers with the strength 6 to this city, which we love above all else. Zurich, keep being so open to all of us.

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Pentyl nitrite (CAS 463-04-7): Most of our products contain this nitrite, as Pentyl nitrite is classified as less harmful to health.

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  1. HP

    As I settled into my Sunday routine, the anticipation for a bate session had been building since Friday. Delaying the ritual made me question my dedication to the art, yet there’s a certain thrill in letting the anticipation simmer until it reaches a boiling point.

    For us bators, our rituals are sacred, with each detail carefully curated to enhance the experience. From the placement of the webcam to the choice of music, every element contributes to the perfect bate. But today, the spotlight falls on a crucial component: which bottle to hit from.

    Despite my usual brand loyalty, today presented an opportunity to explore something new. While three different sealed bottles awaited my selection, my intuition guided me to Zurich, a city that held significance in my recent past.

    As I opened the bottle, I was reminded of Der Zürichsee. The experience was reminiscent of Swiss precision—smooth, controlled, yet exhilarating. With each hit, I delved deeper into my Sunday bate.

    Hitting from the small-sized Zurich bottle was impactful, but I couldn’t help but imagine indulging from a larger bottle. With its formula, a bigger bottle not only offers a more comfortable grip but also a better build-up, especially for longer bating sessions.

    Is Zurich still a top destination on my list? Perhaps not in the geographical sense, but as a companion for lazy Sundays, it’s perfect. Its ease of use and slower build-up make it a worthy addition to any bator’s collection, especially for those seeking an extended journey of bating.

    The verdict? Zurich poppers are more than just a means to an end; they’re a reassuring recipe you know will always satisfy.

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