Poppers Flip Top Cap WYFFR Ultimate – BLUE Large

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The Flip Top Cap from the USA has been further developed with a lot of passion and finally we can carry this innovation in our assortment as one of the few Poppers online stores in Europe. The Flip Top Cap has two big advantages. You can easily open the poppers bottle with one hand with this attachment and also close it with one hand. This is especially helpful when the other hand is busy. So why do you need two hands to open a bottle when you can do it with just one?


The second advantage of this Flip Top Cap is that you can leave the cap on permanently until the bottle is empty, no matter in which position you store the bottle. The removable rubber closure secures the attachment during storage. Since some poppers bottles have to be supplied with childproof cap for some time, thanks to this flip top cap, opening the bottles is very convenient for you.


The Flip Top Cap BLUE Large fits all bottles with the thread size Large, i.e. all 25ml bottles from the manufacturer Lockerroom.



Aroma Topper Thread Size

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