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Are you new to the gay world and want everything on your first date? That’s exactly why we have put together the Gay Starter Pack for you. Our Rush Original 10ml Poppers is the most popular poppers in the world. With this you have guaranteed already the first eye-catcher on your yellow bottle. Thanks to our popular XTRM Sniffer, you and your partner will protect your nose from burns while sniffing. You can easily screw this sniffer onto the poppers bottle before you start. During anal sex, lubrication is especially important. This is ensured by our high-quality HEROS lubricant, which is based on silicone. Of course, sex is much more awesome when you or your partner doesn’t tense up in the rectum at the crucial moment. Our Anal Spray Play Harder from XTRM helps you with that. Last but not least, condoms also belong in our Gay Starter Pack. Have Fun and Play Safe.

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Canadian Pentyl Formula (EC number 951-169-0, RM): New substance from the manufacturer Lockerroom in Canada, based on pentyl nitrite. This nitrite is also less harmful and is very similar to pentyl nitrite.

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