COLT Anal Shower

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The Colt® anal douche is pleasurable, handy and efficient. The attachment is easy to insert and stimulates the anus; the generous cleaning pump holds enough water for a deep clean. The cleanser is very easy to use and free from emollients.
– Fixed but flexible cleaning attachment
– Generously designed pressure pump
– Easy to assemble, clean and use
– Free from plasticizers and PVC – 15 cm x 4 cm – 9 cm x 15 cm (pump)
Material: Rubber
Color: Black & Red


Hexyl nitrite (UFI V300-A06S-K00V-G02P): New nitrite from the manufacturer Lockerroom in Canada. This nitrite is used for some of the 30ml bottles produced by the manufacturer Lockerroom. Same or less harmful to health like pentyl nitrite. That is why we offer products with Hexyl nitrite as well.

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