BERLIN FIST Extreme Strong Poppers 25ml

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BERLIN FIST Extreme Strong Poppers 25ml is one of the strongest poppers on the market and is based on the original original pentyl nitrite. In the Queer Capital BERLIN parties for every taste and preference are waiting for you. We like Berghain, Lab, KitKat, the sneaker parties at Folsom and of course the Rubber Parties in Berlin. BERLIN FIST Extreme Strong Poppers 25ml brings the thoughts and experiences of Berlin to our home again and again and should not be missing at an extensive Fist Session in any case. The poppers is very long lasting, provides the necessary extra kick and very intense experiences. We love the Berlin Vibes at Home.

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Pentyl nitrite (CAS 463-04-7): Most of our products contain this nitrite, as Pentyl nitrite is classified as less harmful to health.

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  1. Carl (verified owner)

    I am conflicted on how to rate this bottle, as this is my first use of pentyl nitrite type poppers. I’ve used a few isobutyl type such as Rush. I’m my experience, Rush was extremely effective, but frequently left me with a headache. The scent of Rush is also more acrid than Berlin Fist.

    For me, Berlin Fist is almost a sweeter aroma, or perhaps softer. As to the effect, Berlin Fist seems noticably weaker than Rush, but with far less of the negative after effects (headaches). I still experience the relaxed euphoria and wave of ‘desire’, though perhaps a bit less than Rush seems to trigger. I have stopped using Rush in favor of Berlin Fist, so take that for an indication of comparison. Just trying to be objective in my review. So I hope my rating is helpful. I’m giving Berlin Fist 4 stars for now, with the notation that it could be 5, if I had more variety of comparison with other pentyl based poppers. For all I know, it may be the pinnacle of what you can expect from pentyl. I have two others to try, but that’ll have to wait until Berlin Fist is nearly exhausted.

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