What are the ingredients of poppers

Poppers contain nitrites (alkyl esters of nitrous acid). Depending on who you are with
If you buy poppers, you have a completely different one nitrite in hand and go with it very different
health risks.

We regularly deal with the ingredients of poppers. In the listing below
you will find the various nitrites that are contained in poppers that are used in Switzerland
Time are most commonly encountered.

On our website www.poppers-online.ch there are only poppers with the following three
Ingredients available as these nitrites are classified by us as less harmful to health

  • Pentyl nitrite (CAS 463-04-7): Most of our products contain this nitrite, as
    Pentyl nitrite is classified as less harmful to health.
  • Hexylnitrit (UFI V300-A06S-K00V-G02P): Neues Nitrit vom Hersteller Lockerroom in Canada.
    This nitrite is used for some of the 30ml bottles produced by the manufacturer Lockerroom. Same
    or less harmful to health like pentyl nitrite. That is why we offer products with
    Hexyl nitrite as well.
  • Canadian Pentyl Formula (EC number 951-169-0, RM): New substance from the manufacturer
    Lockerroom in Canada, based on pentyl nitrite. This nitrite is also less
    harmful and is very similar to pentyl nitrite.

Poppers with the following ingredients are NOT available from us, as we have the ingredients under
anderem als krebserregend oder sehr giftig beim Einatmen einstufen. We clearly distance ourselves from
these nitrites and our recommendation to you: Hands off products with these nitrites:

  • Isopropyl nitrite (CAS 541-42-4): to be found mainly in the square 24ml bottles. we
    do not sell these products because inhalation can be fatal.
  • Isobutyl nitrite (CAS 542-56-3): to be found e.g. in Quicksilver, RAM and Rave. We sell
    not these products as they are potentially carcinogenic.

There are other terms for ingredients that are used and found in Switzerland

  • Amyl nitrite: This is the old name for pentyl nitrite, so OK.
  • Alkyl nitrite: This is a collective term for isobutyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite, etc.
    We do not recommend poppers with these contents because it is not clear which nitrite is actually contained here and since you now know that there are very different nitrites