Sniffing around for something new again? With us you will be happy 12 times!

If you are a curious type, then you have come to the right place! With our 12 new ones, we have taken all your needs into account: 3 new Tall Bottles, each 30 ml, are strong and supple, waiting to be used. Perfect place for on the go: in your pocket. Perfect plan: share generously!


Or are you more of a design fan with a nose for more in it added value? then should you your nose in ours hip Retro design assortment stick, then now there is with us the 7 new Lockerroom products in square bottles mit 25 ml instead 24 ml content!


And for the ‘truffle pig’ type, who, as is well known, always looks for the Aussordinary sniffing, we still had our strong 15 ml Taiwan Blue and Pig Sweat all New to you in our online shelf. The product names make you want more!


The fact that you can still save a bit when shopping could elicit another happy grunt from you: smart snoopers order free of charge from a goods value of CHF 140.-. So you always have the right nose!