Anal Spray XTRM Play Harder 30ml

CHF 24.50

The Anal Spray Play Harder by XTRM is a special product if you have problems with your first anal sex. It will also help you if you have a slight painful reaction or if you want to experience very intense deep anal sex. The anal spray also helps you to insert larger dildos or to reduce initial pain during fisting in order to achieve the greatest possible stretch. The spray only has a local analgesic effect and ensures that you don’t cramp up at the rectum at the crucial moment. You simply spray 1-2 sprays on your anus and wait a minute before it starts. The XTRM Anal Play Harder Spray lasts for 75 uses. The high quality spray of the brand XTRM is made in Germany and fits conveniently in your pocket or luggage.



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